Escape room

45-75€︱2-6 players︱60 minutes


You’ve spent an amazing weekend in the City of Sin – Las Vegas. Last night was a blast but it seems the blast blew away your memories of that night. You can’t exactly remember how the night ended and one of your friends is missing from the hotel room. Suddenly a phone rings, you take the phone and there is 1 new message. The message says: “If you want to see your friend again you have to pay 100 000 € – You have 60 minutes”. Gather your friends and start your quest. Your task is to rob a casino but the casino is no average casino. Come and see for yourself.

Jaagup M
Jaagup MGoogle Review
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We went to the casino room. At first it was a lot to take in but overall a very cool room.
Gert P
Gert PFacebook Review
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Like being in a movie! Very exciting, recommend it for everyone.
Escape Room

45-75€︱2-6 players︱60 minutes


You’re a group of university students. Your professor Hannibal Lecter has been leading your psychology class for months. After an extensive exam, a member of your group stays behind to discuss the exam results with Dr.Lecter. As the day passes you start to worry, because you haven’t heard from your group mate for several hours. Some of you have noticed the mysterious behaviour of professor Lecter and you start to suspect that he has something to do with the disappearance of your group member. You gather your group and decide to break into professor Lecters office to look for the missing member. What happens next? Book a time and find out!

Anžela Demidenko
Anžela DemidenkoFacebook Review
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We went to the Hannibal room, we really liked it, managed to escape, the service was great! 🥳
Kerli Roosvald
Kerli RoosvaldFacebook Review
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We went to the Hannibal room – it was super cool! ❤ We didn’t manage to help our friend but the others spent a memorable 60 minutes. Thank you!
Jane Rõuk
Jane RõukGoogle Review
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We visited the Hannibal lecter room. The room was interesting and the service was really friendly and pleasant. A very positive experience.
Escape Room

45-75€︱2-6 players︱60 minutes


For the last few months you have volunteered for a medical experiment for which you have been promised a large sum of money, when passed successfully. Its time for the last experiment and you are already looking forward to it. What awaits you at the last experiment? Come book your time now and find out!

Rene Meres
Rene MeresGoogle Review
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Visited Emotion Factorys Asylum with our SimplBooks team and were very satisfied 😉 Blind experiment was also very excitingly done!
Margus O
Margus OGoogle Review
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An interesting and completely different experience 🙂
Escape room

60€︱2-4 players︱45 minutes


The patrol boat Torm was found in 1999 as a ghost ship. A random fisherman found the vessel and to his surprise the vessel was completely abandoned. Remains of the crew were found on board but nobody knows how or why they had died. The vessel was towed to the Seaplane Harbour to complete an expertise. Your challenge as the investigators is to solve the mysterious case and find clues which will lead you to the truth of what happened on the ship. Remember, you have just 45 minutes to do so!

Escape box

20-65€︱1-4 players︱60 minutes


An Escape Box in not an Escape Room. The objective of an Escape Room is to escape the room within 60 minutes. The objective of an escape box is to get to the contents of the box. For this game you will try to get to the vaccine. The game can be played by 1-4 people and the game will take about 60 minutes to complete.
Unlike an Escape Room, people who play the Escape Box will not have a chance to ask for extra hints – everything you need is in the box.

John Doe
John Doe@username
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John Doe
John Doe@username
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John Doe
John Doe@username
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Strategic team game

50-95€︱2-6 players︱60 minutes


In X-Maze you have to choose one team member before entering a room. We will give you a hint of what the task in the room might be like. When the task is completed successfully you will earn an X – objects that will come into play in the final room of the game.
Each X that you have earned will award you with 5 seconds – we will add all the time up and then let you into the last room. In the time given your team must gather as many points as possible – after that we will tally up the score and see if you end up on the scoreboard.

Andrus K
Andrus KGoogle Review
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Deffinetly one of the coolest group activities, a chance to advance yourself and get to know your friends strengths. Deffinetly recommend comfortable and lightweight clothing.
Kelly Tikkop
Kelly TikkopGoogle Review
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I really want to thank our very helpful instructor, who was constantly joking around and through his pleasant manner made our experience even better! (:
Christopher Carr
Christopher CarrGoogle Review
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Amazing instructors and X-maze is a very fun activity with friends. Can’t wait for next „season“!

12€ person︱60 minutes


The adventure park puts your physical prowess and balance to the test. Climb through our 9 different tracks just above our entertainment center. The safety instructions will be given at the spot before climbing. For safe climbing we will attach safety gear for each person.


1. Каждый клиент должен пройти инструктаж по технике безопасности перед входом на тропу парка приключений и подтвердить своё понимание своим именем и подписью.
2. Дети в возрасте до 12 лет могут выйти на тропу только с согласия взрослого.
3. Когда ребёнок выходит на тропу, ребёнок может дать своё предварительное согласие, которое должно быть завершено и подписано его родителем.
4. Чтобы иметь возможность подняться в парк приключени вы должны соответствовать минимальному требованию длины 120 см и максимальному пределу веса 110 кг.
5. Ремень безопасности предоставляется для личного пользования клиентами и должен быть возвращен инструктору сразу после пересечения путей.
6. Передача ремня безопасности третьим лицам запрещена.
7. Для длинных волос, пожалуйста, положите косу или корону.
8. Не рекомендуется использовать парк приключений с длинными ногтями.
9. После посещения туалета установка ремня безопасности должна быть проверена инструктором.
10. Человек под воздействием алкоголя и наркотиков не допускается в парк приключений.
11. На одной платформе может бы ть два альпиниста одновременно и один альпинист на взлетно-посадочной полосе и по одному восхождению за раз.
12. В парке запрещено мешать альпинистам.
13. Рассмотрим других альпинистов в парке, если вы более медленный альпинист, чем вы, используйте платформы для прохождения.
14. Инструктор имеет право немедленно убрать нерегулярных альпинистов из парка приключений.


1. Each guest has to go through our safety instructions and confirm with their name and signature that they accept and understand them.
2. Children under 12 can only go on the track with parents permission.
3. Children can bring a written consent by their parents if not accompanied by one.
4. To use our adventure park you have to be at least 120cm tall and not weigh over 110kg.
5. Safety harnesses provided for clients are for personal use only and need to be returned after completing the tracks.
6. Giving your safety harness to a third party is forbidden.
7. If you have long hair we ask that you tie it up.
8. It is not recommended to use the track with long nails.
9. After using the bathroom our instructor needs to check your safety harness before you can go back on the track.
10. People under any kind of influence will not be allowed into the adventure park.
11. Only 2 people are permitted to be on the same platform at a time. Only one person at a time can climb the ladder.
12. Disturbing our guests at the adventure park is forbidden
13. Please pay attention to other people on the track, if there are slower climbers use the platforms to pass them.
14. Our instructors have the right to remove any climbers who ignore the set rules.

Lisainfo / Reeglid

1. Iga klient läbib enne rajale minekut ohutusinstruktaaži ja kinnitab sellest aru saamist oma nime ja allkirjaga.
2. Alla 12 aastased pääsevad rajale üksnes täisealise isiku nõusolekul.
3. Laps võib ronima tulles esitada vanema poolt eelnevalt täidetud ja allkirjastatud nõusoleku.
4. Seiklusparki ronima pääsemiseks peab täitma pikkuse miinimumnõude, milleks on 120 cm ja maksimum kaalupiiranguks on 110 kg.
5. Julgestusvöö on antud klientidele isiklikuks kasutamiseks ja see tuleb tagastada instruktorile kohe pärast radade läbimist.
6. Julgestusvöö edasi andmine kolmandatele isikutele on keelatud.
7. Pikad juuksed palume panna punupatsi või krunni.
8. Pikkade küüntega ei soovita seiklusparki kasutada.
9. Pärast WC külastamist peab julgestusvöö paigaldust kontrollima instruktor.
10. Alkoholi- ja narkojoobes isikuid seiklusparki ei lubata.
11. Ühel platvormil võib korraga olla kaks ronijat ja rajaelemendil ning ülesminekul korraga üks ronija.
12. Ronijate segamine on pargis keelatud.
13. Arvesta pargis teiste ronijatega, kui on sinust aeglasem ronija, siis kasuta möödumiseks platvorme.
14. Instruktoril on õigus reegleid eiravad ronijad seikluspargist koheselt eemaldada.














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